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 Odin's Merchant: Siege Event Series

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Duke Melty

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PostSubject: Odin's Merchant: Siege Event Series   Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:29 am

Odin's Merchant: Siege Event Series

Event Mechanics:

1) This siege event is open to all guilds.
2) The goal for this event is to siege and control one of four specific agits. These agits will be assigned to each Saturday siege as follows:

Saturday – February 5, 2011
Leprion (Britoniah)
Kriemhild (Valkyrie)
Myung-Jung (Greenwood)
Neuschwanstein (Luina)

Saturday – February 12, 2011
Jyolbriger (Britoniah)
Swanhild (Valkyrie)
Chiun-Dan (Greenwood)
Hohenschwangau (Luina)

Saturday – February 19, 2011
Bergel (Britoniah)
Lazeagues (Valkyrie)
Bool-Young (Greenwood)
Nuemberg (Luina)

3) Each time a specific guild (extensions or allies are not counted) gains/retains ownership of the specified agits at the end of the siege, they can purchase items depending on their conquered agit. The items assigned for each specific agit is as follows:

• Britoniah - +11 Piece of Angent Skin (2b)
• Valkyrie - +11 Hunting Spear [1] (2b)
• Greenwood – Symbol of Sun (1b)
• Luina – +11 Ice Pick [1] (2b)

4) After a siege, the guild master of the guild that occupies the specified target agits have to wait until they are called by a GM. They will then be asked if they wish to purchase the item tied to their agit.
5) The guild masters must have zeny on their characters immediately after the siege so that they can trade with the GM. The guild master may only trade for the item assigned to the agit that his guild conquered. The prices assigned to each agit may be changed each event period.
6) The guild masters may have to wait up to (2) hours after the siege before being summoned by the GM. After being summoned, the guild masters have (15) minutes to conclude the trades.
7) When the GM is finally available to summon the guild master and the guild master is absent or offline, the prize will be forfeited.
8 ) The results of the siege will stand despite any unforeseen problems that may occur. This includes technical difficulties, internet connectivity problems and any other related issues. Ragnarok Online management reserves the right to change or modify these rules/prizes without prior announcement.

credits: http://forums.levelupgames.ph/index.php?/topic/15498-odins-merchant/

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Odin's Merchant: Siege Event Series

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