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 Valentines Event

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PostSubject: Valentines Event   Thu Feb 10, 2011 4:23 pm

Valentines Event

Nothing is better that sipping juices together and nibbling on snacks while playing Ragnarok Online.

Now share the feelings and get involved! Join our Valentines events this month and spread the love.
Event 1: Love shots
Blurb: Loading screen contest
Period: February 9, 2011 – February 15, 2011


• Take your most romantic screenshot or screenshots in game and create a loading screen for the theme “My Perfect Valentine”
• Loading screen should be 640 x 480
• Post your entry in the submission thread with the following infos:

Character name:

• You can submit as many entries as you want.
• At the end of the event, we will choose 3 entries as new loading screens of Philippine Ragnarok Online

Stat Reset (1 character for each winning loading screen)
100pcs Guyak Puddings
30pcs Fire Cracker Love
1pc each “2011 LuvRoks” Note Headphone

Event 2: Why I love you
Blurb: Dedicate your love
Period: February 9, 2011 – February 13, 2011

Are you the shy type? Do you want to give your girlfriend a surprise? Do you want to propose but don’t know how to do it? We can help!

• Create a dedication, poem, haiku or even a short riddle for your loved one.
• Your dedication should not exceed 4 lines.
• Post your dedication in the Dedication thread with the following infos:
To character name:
From character name:

• We will choose 3 very meaningful dedications per server and broadcast it to all servers on Valentines day (February 14, 2011)
• Only one dedication post allowed per forum account.

Top 3 (per server):
+7 “2011 LuvRoks” Soulless Wing
+7 “2011 LuvRoks” Perisca

Event 3: Valentines FNR
Blurb: Friday Night Ragnarok Valentines Edition
* To be announced on Friday*

Event 4: Level Up! Valentines Fest (LUVFest) @ Eton Cyberpod
Blurb: Will you be my Valentine?

Bring a date to any of the LUVfest events and both of you will get a special in-game prize from your favorite Level Up! game on that day. The pair should be comprised of a boy and girl wearing shirts of the same color (any color is ok). The couple must register together (at the same time) at the registration area to claim their prize.

Everyone who registers at the LUVfest can pick half a heart in the fishbowl. A participant needs to find his/her match by finding the other half of the heart. The pair who successfully finds their match on that day will both win in-game items from their favorite Level Up! game.

Event 5: Loving pRO is just a click away
Blurb: Race to 200k Likes

If we get 200,000 Likes in Philippine Ragnarok Online’s facebook page until February 16, 2011 7 am, we will be giving modified rates for all server.

Spread the love everyone. Happy Valentines Day!

Source: http://forums.levelupgames.ph/index.php?/topic/16375-valentines-event/
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Valentines Event

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