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 Code of Conduct

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Duke Melty
Duke Melty

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Sat Feb 05, 2011 6:24 am

These Forums are for the basic communication of Guild members amongst each other, in code of respect and virtue. It is a provided privelage for the Genocide population to utilize the forums and to maintain it free of troll. This, for the sake of a better Guild community and to bond closer together as a family.

+ Please Read, Follow and Obey the Rules; as failure to do so will lead to a 3 point offense:

1) Caution
2) Warning
3) Removed from the Guild.

+ Following Rules:

1) Be respectful to all guildies at all times.

2) NO Profanity – This includes any text with profane, sexual, racial, or negative inflections toward race, gender, creed, religion, and/or otherwise deemed inappropriate by Support personnel. (excemption to the rule: Porno Family, threads that allows Trashtalks /GG)

3) Hacking/Unapproved Programs – Any discussion pertaining to, or providing specific information regarding hacking, exploitation, or unapproved third party programs is strictly forbidden. Participating in such Activites will lead to automatic guild Removal.

4) Privacy - Do not irritate fellow guildies for personal Information, if they wish not to share.

5) Language - Tagalog and English, no jejemons.

6) Spamming - DO NOT Spam a thread or create spam posts.

7) Trolling - DO not under any condition start a flame blate or troll the forums.

Thank you for your time, Please review this post and be a good Genocide member !!

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Code of Conduct

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