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 Swab the Deck Quest Guide

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PostSubject: Swab the Deck Quest Guide   Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:03 am

Quest Proper:

1. In order to start the quest, Hanapin ninyo muna yung First Mate NPC near the Lower Kafra of Alberta. [Quest]First Mate ang exact name. Talk to him.

2. When you talk to him, he will ask you to help him catch some Sticky Rats. If you agree to catch Sticky Rats for him, he will immediately give you a Leaf Cat Ball.

Tip: pwede kana kumuha agad ng 5pcs of leaf cat balls sa NPC just keep talking to him until he give you 5pcs (maximum of 5 leafcat balls lang per quest)

3. Use the Leaf Cat Balls to capture the sticky rats inside the ship located at the upper right of alberta

Tip: Use all the 5 leafcat balls to get 5 pcs of Mystic Leafcat balls so that you can save the time in getting the mystic balls after the 20 hour cooldown.

4. You can already capture the sticky rats even without hitting them.

5. If you successfully capture the sticky rat you will recieve a Mystic Leaf Cat Ball.

6. After receiving the Mystic Leaf Cat Ball, talk to First Mate again to exchange the Mystic Leaf Cat Ball to with a Shiny Bead. Upon receiving the Shiny Bead you will trigger the 20hours cool down of the quest.

Great amount of Exp and JExp and shining beads w/c you can exchange for an item if u manage to collect 30 pcs or more. You can talk to the NPC near the NPC that is wearing the sailor uniform to know the items that you can trade with the shining beads.

Source: http://richkidherbert.multiply.com/journal/item/16
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Swab the Deck Quest Guide

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